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Quaker Up! A BzzAgent Report by Mommy A!

This week ends my Quaker BzzAgent try out. When I joined this campaign, I received a bag of Quaker Perfect Portions Oatmeal, a box of BIG chewy chocolate chip granola bars and a box of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. First off, unfortunately, my bag of Perfect Portions was damaged in shipping. Sad! But it’s okay! The other two items made up for it. The BIG chewy granola bars are delicious, although, not QUITE as yummy as the regular sized ones, for some reason. But the cookies. Oh. My. Goodness, the cookies! I am not a fan of regular store cookies, like Chips Ahoy! etc, I prefer chewy cookies. The Quaker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies were AWESOME! My kids liked them too, not even knowing that they had the healthy oatmeal in them! I also tried dunking them in milk, something I don’t usually do, and YUM! I am definitely a cookie convert!

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End the Mommy Wars!!

I’ve only been a mom for 4 years and 5 months, but in that time, I’ve really learned something — no one ever wins mommy wars. They only lead to heartache and more feelings of inadequacy. I don’t know about you, but I do a fantastic job on my own of making myself feel like a crappy mother, so I make a point not to make others feel that way.

Just try to remember, we were all new at this once. We all need to make our own mistakes. I still nurse my 4 year old once or twice a day, but does that mean I think everyone should? Of course not!

Instead of making each other feel like we aren’t measuring up, how about trying to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. So you don’t think kids should ever be in a stroller? Fine. So you think Happy Meals are the work of the devil? Wonderful. Things are different in our family.

Disagreement doesn’t mean that any one way is worse or better. One thing that always annoys me is that if I happen to mention the way I do something, please don’t take it as an attack on the way YOU do something. The fact that I feel good about my decision does not mean you should feel any less about your decisions.

Stop diminishing and start empowering! We are mothers. We are ALL mothers. We all have obstacles and setbacks that we deal with every day, but as long as someone’s children are clothed, fed and loved, what difference does it make?

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E-Book Review: easy.homemade.

Yesterday I downloaded easy.homemade. Homemade pantry staples for the busy modern family by Mandi Ehman. I’m so glad I did! This is a great resource for those of us who never really learned to cook, and even those who know how to cook but would like to cut out the preservatives and additives of store bought pantry items. Personally, I am unable to eat MSG, a common additive in canned and boxed items, so this is exactly something I need. So many recipes out there are involved and full of steps and gourmet ingredients that I neither have nor desire to buy. This book is a simple, straightforward reference guide to making your own pantry staples without tons of extra time. Totally recommended. Get yourself a copy before August 21, 2012 for only $.99!


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My Money Making Adventures…

The past month, I have been seeking out ways to earn more money at home with my kids. Since I am the mother of savages, I can’t do a work-at-home job (WAH) that requires me to be on the phone. In face, as I write this Chubber is asking me if we have apples so that I can make him more juice. Like I make fresh apple juice, right? Anyway, I have been researching night and day for ways to earn money without having to talk on the phone. Some great sites have come to my attention…

Job Leads

Ratrace Rebllion

This site has been featured on many news shows and in just as many publications. While they do have paid ads that may not always be legitimate, you can get their “screened job leads” emailed to you daily. Definitely recommended.

Work at Home Adventures

This could be my favorite. I’m a very visual person and love well laid out sites. This site is so easy to navigate, has the different types of jobs separated and easily accessible. The job leads are personally researched by the blog writer, who is a freelance writer for a living. Another definite recommendation.

My personal affiliate links

Here are some actual things I do to earn money… in the interest of full disclosure, clicking on these links and signing up WILL earn me money. None of these things will require you (as of this writing) to pay money, and furthermore, these are all things that I actively participate in.

Hits 4 Pay

Hits 4 Pay is a site where you sit and watch little ads that are trying to entice you to buy products or services. I have not bought any products. I have seen some ads for direct sales opportunities, such as Body by Vi, which is a legitimate company/opportunity, but I cannot vouch for any of the ads shown. However, I can vouch for the fact that Hits4Pay does pay. In fact, just yesterday I had a deposit into my paypal account from them in the amount of $25.14. Its not huge money, but every penny counts, and its $25 that I didn’t have the day before yesterday.


Swagbucks is another great site. All over the net you will find ways to increase your swagbucks points, and my favorite part is that with only 450 bucks you can a $5 Amazon gift card! I am saving the gift cards up to buy Christmas gifts this year.

Cash Crate

Is a new one I am trying. I got this link from the owner of and it has some impressive amount checks on there that she has gotten over the years from Cash Crate. Again, not something that I pay for, but it can’t hurt to earn more points and money from somewhere!

Surveys and/or Product Testing

I participate in a few survey sites that I love. The first one is Pinecone Research. They are a bit difficult to get into, but if you search the net, you will find their banner pop up whenever they are accepting new panel members. If you can, I would highly recommend going for this one. They pay either by check, or now, by PayPal, the day after your survey is complete. The surveys are simple, about 10-20 minutes and you won’t feel like you wasted your time filling out screeners.

My first and favorite product testing site is BzzAgent. As a BzzAgent, you frequently get products to check out, along with coupons and samples to give to friends. Over the years, I have tried different candy bars, games, Gucci perfume, Dr. Scholls inserts, etc. There is no non-disclosure agreement, because the point is to spread the “Buzz” about the products. There is also no payment, other than points through, but its still fun to try new things!

What are some of your favorite money making avenues?

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First Blog Post!

Well hello there! My name is Mommy A! Actually, my name is Artie, but who really cares, right? I have 2 little kiddos, born in 2008 – he will be known as Chubber and born in 2011 – she will be known as Miss Piggy! My children are my world, as are the children of almost all moms, but I’m not the kind of mom I thought I would be. I thought I was meant to be a mom. At age 6, if someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was, “A mommy!”. However, life throws you curve balls and sometimes you just don’t end up where you thought you would.

When I was pregnant with Chubber, we moved into my moms house. As much as I love my mom, it wasn’t fun living in the basement where I didn’t even have a locked door for privacy. It was nice to have someone around all the time though, which kept me from being overwhelmed with a new baby, suddenly thrown from my beautiful 1200 sq foot apartment back into mommy’s house with my husband. It was even harder on my husband, who has a personality that clashes with my mother’s. But we survived, and so did my mom, dad and little sister – for 18 months, when we bought our first house. We moved in quickly because I was in desperate need of my own space and my mom was in need of her house back. Then 1 month later, our world was thrown into chaos — my husband, the breadwinner, lost his job. It was a disastrous mess that left us on public health insurance and using credit cards just to eat. But we survived that too. I had gotten a new job during this time, making better money than before, and now my husband had an acceptable job where we could breathe a bit. Then, four months later, surprise! Miss Piggy was on her way. After a non-fun pregnancy, 2 months after I went back to work from maternity leave, I found myself without a job. So here I am. Searching every day for jobs, waiting for unemployment to run out, and getting absolutely no response from my countless job applications despite my Bachelor’s degree.

So there’s my story. I am going to be a stay at home mom, whether I am good at it or not, so I better get good at it. Instead of spending all my time wondering why no one wants to hire me, its time to focus on the job that I made for myself — mom and wife.

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